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Check out this new video from one of our sponsored teams, RareJDM.  They recently completed the Modball Rally in their flat black G35 time attack car.  The G35 is equipped with Berk Technology high flow cats!  Click the link below to view the video.  THE BELOW VIDEO FEATURES LANGUAGE THAT MAY NOT BE APPROPRIATE FOR KIDS Click here to view video. ---Berk Technology
Check out these two videos of  Zack Tscharanyan's flat black Infiniti G35 Coupe at the SpeedVentures Autocross event!  The RareJDM G35 runs a fully built Cosworth NA motor with Tomei headers, Berk Technology high flow cats, and APEXi N1 ExTi single exit exhaust! ---Berk Technology
Berk Technology is proud to announce the addition of Zack Tscharanyan's flat black G35 coupe to our list of sponsored vehicles!  Zach's G35 features a fully built naturally aspirated engine built by Technosquare featuring Cosworth CNC ported heads, Cosworth camshafts, Weisco high compression pistons, Tomei headers, and Berk Technology metallic substrate high flow catalytic converters! Zack not only takes his beautiful G35 coupe to car shows, but it also gets used at the track quite frequen...