Posted on: January 14, 2014
Formula Drift 2013, what a special year! In addition to following all of the 2013 Formula Drift PRO championship
excitement and drama, I ran my own program last year. It started last winter with a bare chassis and a dream.
Guided by a beating heart it was a journey we started with hundreds of hours in the shop knowing little what the
season would have in store for us.
After Irwindale Title Fight I unloaded the car at 2.30am and as I shut off the lights and closed the shop doors, the
car sitting in the spot where it had all started, before any engine was even installed, before any stickers were
applied, before it rolled an inch under its own power and before any work was started, right then a flood of
memories from the season and season finale buzzed through my head. I was tired but I couldn't keep back a smile.

We didn't just revive a car last season, we embarked on an incredible ride. If 2014 gets to be half as amazing as
2013 was, it will become magical.
Making all of 2013 happen would not have been possible without Bryan Min and the gang around Berk
Technology. Therefore thank you so incredibly much!!! Not many can understand the amount of effort that has
gone into this from Berk Technology's side, how much inspiration, knowledge and effort they have poured into
this. If it seems like we have had a pretty steady development year in Formula Drift, it's thanks to all the hard work
behind the scenes, the countless hours of preparation. At times we've been tired to the point of delirium, but kept
pushing, knowing that what's done right we don't have to go back and do again. I call it the Berk Factor, and the
Berk Factor gave me the maximum amount of seat time a driver in FD could ever ask for, critical seat time in order
to "catch up". Berk Technology does things right.

I also want to extend a huge thanks to Hankook Tire. I have been lucky to compete on Hankook tires for five years now, and I have broken a lot of Time Attack records on Hankook tires. I actually have a minor team drift victory as well but to get this chance to switch over from racing to go drifting in the Formula Drift PRO Championship with a premium tire such as Hankook Ventus R-S3 is very special. Not many get to do that and I am humbled, honored and proud to get to do that. Thank you so much!

The third entity I want to give a very special thank you to is Champion Spark Plugs. I have been a brand ambassador for Champion Scandinavia since 2002 when I started racing in the Junior Touring Car Championship back in Sweden. To be here now over a decade later and to compete in the world's most competitive professional drifting series with the support from the Fortune 500 company Federal-Mogul's brand Champion Spark Plugs is a fantastic full circle deal coming together. I know from 11 years of racing that Champion is a product that will deliver every time I race. I would also like to give a huge thanks to Road Race Engineering, Turbo by Garrett, Forgestar, Fueled Racing, Advance Clutch Systems, AEM Performance Electronics, KW Suspensions, Megan Racing, Nissan Raceshop, Sparco, ANB, City Tire, Powered by MAX, MP Tuning, 5th Dimension Signworks, Fiveo Injectors, Spyder Auto, Corner3Garage, and all the friends and fans that have helped and supported in any way. We are now in the countdown phase for the 2014 season. This is motorsports and no matter how you turn the table, the cars will not run and the crew will not be able to fly anywhere without a budget. That's why the support through strong businesses' marketing programs is so valuable to any successful motorsports operation.
We came a long way in 2013 and I'm hoping that 2014 will bring a lot more of entertainment value to represent our partners in the best way, in our quest to reach the top. To a great start of 2014! /Carl